Our wired Buzzer systems are compatible with game show presenter gold/bronze.  Any quiz game computer software that accepts numeric values of 1-0 will be compatible with our wired buzzer systems. When your players buzz in, locks out all but the first player to buzz in first. Your player’s names are displayed on your computer and projected for viewing by audience and participants. Buzz audio and game show sound effects can be amplified using HDMI or earphone jack connected to your sound system. Our wired game show systems are compatible with all Windows and Mac operating systems.



Our top flagship product, wired slammers Mac & Windows compatible.

10 Player comes with USB interface box, USB cable, 10 slammers, 5 meter leads which connect from your interface box to your slammers. Wired buzzers are compatible with game show presenter software Two years warranty. Power source from USB no other power source needed. We are proud to say our affordable wired buzzers have been a big hit in schools and universities  all over the world. Read our latest review of the product by Craig 



Here's what you get.

Your indestructible slam buzzers, USB interface box, USB cable and your 6 meter leads which connect from the USB interface box to the buzzers. We are proud to say that our affordable wired buzzers have been a big hit in schools and universities all over the world.  

 Game show presenter

Games show software can be purchased at www.gameshowpresenter.com

Game show presenter bronze, gold. Download Free Trial!

4 Games in one program 


1. Categories  
Categories quiz game
  2. Team Showdown
Team Showdown game    
3. Who wants to know?
Who Wants to Know quiz    
4. Quizathon 
Mac compatible game show quiz lockout buzzers systems

Mac compatible

 10 player Slam Buzzer System, comes with USB interface box, 1.8 meter USB cable, 10 x 100 mm Big Dome Slam Buzzers and 6 meter leads which connect from your USB interface box to your buzzers.

Compatible with Apple Mac's and Windows operating systems. 

  • Plug your USB interface box into your Mac or PC
  • Download game-show-presenter  (Mac & Windows free trial)
  • Set your questions.
  • Hook up to a TV or projector, amplifier the sound effects using your sound system. 
  • Start your TV style quiz show.
  • No drivers to download.
  • Macintosh compatible.
  • Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista or XP.
  • Buzzer button dimension 98mm (D)
  • Total buzzer button dimensions 103mm * 150mm* 98mm
  • USB interface box dimensions 103mm  * 150mm * 58mm
  • Buzzer cable length 6 meters
  • Power USB 1.8 meters
  • Who are using our buzzers?  Entertainment event companies, Corporate event planners, wedding planners, schools, universities, company party planners, cruise ships.

New! Gold  Level $99.00  Game show presenter

It's easy to make a game show using  presentation game templates. Latest TV game show software includes:

  • New capabilities and features of Game Show Presenter Gold Level include.
  • 4 games in one program,
  • More Games! Quizathon is a new, fast-paced quiz game only in the Gold Level.
  • More Players! Quizathon and Categories games support up to 10 players or teams.
  • Host Helper features such as Host Controls on a second screen.
  • Customize the Games: Language, colours logo.
  • More Options for Questions & Answers.

 Host Control window

Open a second window showing host control

Host control lets you control show and preview correct answers during gameplay.

game show presenter software
game show presenter software
New! Bronze  Level $49.00  Game show presenter

  • 3 games in one program that are popular with trainers, teachers and event planners.
  • Easily add your own questions and answers.
  • Built-in coaching gets you started fast.
  • Customize the title screen with your game show name, a logo or picture.
  • Save your game files for repeat use. Build a collection!
  • Music, sound effects and score tracking are built in.
  • Add a picture to any question.

game show presenter software
game show presenter software

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