If you have purchased one of our  Mac & Windows compatible version 2 wired slammers,  you will not need to follow the steps below as the USB interface box is already set. You can go to game show presenter to download your software. For customers whose first language is not English, please make sure you have English keyboard selected when playing,  if not this will cause a problem when playing.


Game show presenter gold/bronze

Game show presenter plus

Setup for version 1 discontinued wired buzzers + Windows USB buttons
  Setup for wired windows lockout buzzers only! 

How to install your Windows compatible USB interface box and game software 

1: Plug your game box into your computer with the supplied USB cable .

2: Click on the link above named (Download button software here).

3: Open the zip file as seen below and drag the folder onto your desktop.

4: Download game show presenter Gold-Bronze Mac and Windows compatible 
    Download game show presenter plus. Game show presenter plus will be taken off their website due to being 11 years old, but still very good software with great               sound effects. You can still download the software here make sure you save a copy of  the file.

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