RF wireless clickers

British made slammers

Our wired British made slammers buzzer systems are compatible with both Windows and Mac. Any quiz game computer software that accepts numeric values of 1-0 will be compatible with our wired buzzer systems like Game Show Presenter, and Crowd Control Games. When your players buzz in, locks out all but the first player to buzz in first. Your player’s names are displayed on your computer and projected for viewing by audience and participants. Buzz audio and game show sound effects can be amplified using HDMI or earphone jack connected to your sound system. Two years warranty for manufacturing defect being used under normal use for game shows. Note buzzers systems buttons do not illuminate when pressed. 

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wired buzzer game systems

Mac and windows compatible

Slam Buzzer System, comes with USB interface box, 1.8 meter USB cable, 10 x 100 mm Big Dome Slam Buzzers and 6 meter leads which connect from your USB interface box to your buzzers.
Compatible with Apple Mac's and Windows operating systems.

  • Plug your USB interface box into your Mac or PC

  • Set your questions.

  • Hook up to a TV or projector, amplifier the sound effects using your sound system.

  • Start your TV style quiz show.

  • No drivers to download.

  • Macintosh compatible.

  • Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista or XP.

  • Buzzer button dimension 98mm (D)

  • Total buzzer button dimensions 103mm * 150mm* 98mm

  • USB interface box dimensions 103mm * 150mm * 58mm

  • Buzzer cable length 6 meters

  • Power USB 1.8 meters