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Wireless & wired TV style lockout game show quiz buzzer systems for oral quizzes or quiz shows using game show software, esl-buzzer game show systems and student clicker response systems are being used around the world for staff training, classrooms, universities, event organizers, wedding events, company party planners and corporate event planners. When your player's buzz in, locks out all but the first player to buzz in first. Your player’s names are displayed on the personal computer and projected for viewing by audience. Wired and wireless buzzers audio can be amplified using HDMI or earphone jack connected to your sound system when using quizmaster or game show presenter.  All wireless buzzers, clickers and galaxy products have National Patents, FCC, CE, IC and ROHS certificates. Our wireless and wired buzzers and galaxy products have an excellent reputation in over 90 countries.

If you prefer oral quiz shows take a look at our standalone wireless quiz buzzers, no computer, no software, just turn them on and your set! Our standalone wireless buzzer range are ideal for any event. Easy to set up, our standalone wireless buzzers are big, bright and audible. Our wireless and wired buzzers create strong audio and visual cues to capture your audience’s attention from the get go.

Wireless Scoreboard Cube Buzzers
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Wireless standalone dome buzzers & host remote

Professional standalone wireless lockout game show buzzers for oral quiz shows. No computer, no software needed, just turn them on and you're ready to go. Comes with nine button host remote with LCD display. Supports 1 to 50 wireless buzzers. Buzzers have three audio sounds and three coloured lights. Audio Sounds (1. first to buzz in)  (2. wrong answer) (3. correct answer).    Read our latest review of the product by Vinnie      


RF response clickers & Affordable IR response clickers

Classroom response system, or audience response system. Teacher poses a multiple-choice question to his or her students via an overhead or computer projector, using PowerPoint quiz-master build-in. 
Each student submits his or her answer to the question using their handheld transmitter often called keypads or clickers that sends radio-frequency signal to a receiver attached to the teacher's computer. Supports paper exam, oral exam and quiz, multiple choice questions, finger rush button questions, response bar questions. Supports export and print of results by class, student, groups or activity.

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wireless dome buzzers
scoreboard wireless buzzers
  • School events & classroom games 
  • Company meetings 
  • Team building
  • Company parties
  • Pub quizzes 
  • Exam preparation
  • Motivate an audience 
  • Corporate event planners
  • Wedding parties
  • Workplace policy reviews 
  • TV shows 
  • Cruise ships 
  • Trivia nights
  • Teacher training
  • Entertainment event companies
  • Trade shows

Here are a few benefits when purchasing your quiz buzzer system.

Increased Attendance and retention ✔Active participation Increases Knowledge   Tracking Individual Responses ✔Displays Results

Confirms understanding Immediate feedback Reality Game Shows  Creates a fun loving learning environment

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