Wireless & wired lockout buzzer systems for oral quizzes and quiz shows using game show software, engage your audience with esl-buzzers for staff training, classrooms, universities, parties, weddings or corporate events. When your players buzz in, locks out all but the first player to buzz in first. Your player’s names are displayed on the personal computer and projected for viewing by audience and participants. 

Our quiz systems are compatible with all windows operating systems. Wireless and wired Buzzer systems are compatible with the new game show presenter which uses 1-0 when players buzz in. Any quiz game computer software that accepts numeric or characters will be compatible with our systems. Here's what you get, when you purchase your wireless buzzers you will also receive your quiz master game show software, PowerPoint build in design, easy to learn and easy to use. Quiz master game show software supports up to 100 buzzers.

You can own our top flagship 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 player wired product at affordable prices. Comes with two years warranty and free shipping.

If you prefer oral quiz shows take a look at our standalone wireless quiz buzzers, no computer, no software, just turn them on and your set! Easy to set up, our standalone wireless buzzers are big, bright and audible.  

We are so confident in the quality and reliability of our buzzers that all systems come with two years warranty! Our wireless and wired buzzers create strong audio and visual cues to capture your audience’s attention from the get go. Join our thousands of happy customers all over the world.

Our top selling wireless product. 1-50 player wireless standalone dome buzzers. No computer needed, just turn them on you are ready to go.

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